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Empower Foods

Power Wrap – Lo Carb Wraps

Versatile wraps with only 1.8g of carbs per wrap!


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Keto-Friendly Low-Carb Low-Sugar High Fibre


The most versatile and convenient low carb product in Australia – now you can make sandwiches, lasagne, cannelloni, enchiladas, burritos…

Anyone who has ever undertaken a low carb diet will tell you just how hard it can be to find a “low carb lunch on the run”. Traditionally, many people are used to taking a cut lunch with them to work, or stopping for a couple of minutes to prepare a sandwich. The low carb concept made that type of lunch so much harder – until now…

Imagine being able to roll your traditional sandwich fillings in a low carb wrap, for a low carb lunch on the run… Imagine low carb lasagna or delicious Mexican meals like enchiladas and burritos…

These delicious meals have been a reality for American low carb dieters for years, and are now a reality in Australia, thanks to Empower Foods Low Carb Power Wraps.

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