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Keto Protein Bars – The Healthy Alternative to Sugar & Carbs

Looking for a great source of keto protein bars in Australia? At Lifestyle Republic, we stock a huge range of protein bars, catering for every kind of dietary requirement and taste. From keto, right through to vegan and gluten-free, our protein bars give you a healthy snack option or energy boost without the nasties.

Perfect before the gym, or simply to get you through the afternoon at work, our protein bars give you all the energy and brain food you need, without the carbs or added sugar that make other snack foods so unhealthy.

Stock up on all your favourites, from IQ Bars to Australian-made SMARTDIET Solutions, to the tasty snacks from KETO Everyday. We know you’ll find a selection of keto protein bars to satisfy your cravings, and that keep you at the top of your game.

Want to mix up your healthy snack options? We have a tasty selection of high protein, low carb chips and crackers to choose from. Check out the full range here.

Sweet or Sightly Savoury – Keto Protein Bars to Suit Every Taste

Whether you’re a super sweet tooth or someone who prefers a combination of sweet and savoury, we have a keto protein bar for you. For those who crave chocolate, try Keto Chocolate Protein Bar, giving you a delicious chocolate flavour plus 20g of protein without the added sugar, polyols, soy or gluten.

Or check out the hazelnut and cherry flavours in SMARTDIET Solutions’ Black Forest Flavoured KetoSmart Bar. Packed full of natural goodness, this keto protein bar gives you the creamy taste of Black Forest cake with no artificial preservatives, sweeteners, gluten or soy – perfect for that energy-boosting afternoon snack at work, or at play.

For those who prefer a slightly more savoury snack, we’ve got a fantastic selection of keto protein bars that combine nuts with caramel, coffee or coconut flavours, all low carb, low sugar and high in fibre. Great for people with dietary restrictions, such as diabetics or gluten intolerant, keto protein bars are just as beneficial for people watching their weight.

Stash a few of KETO Everyday’s Cappuccino Nut Bars in your bag, so you always have a crunchy flavour-filled snack on hand, without worrying about adding the carbs. Or grab a selection of Australian-made protein bars from SMARTDIET Solutions’, with delicate flavours ranging from Rose & Pistachio to Salted Caramel, to Vanilla Nougat and more. There’s seriously so many to choose from, you’ll never get bored!

Browse our healthy, nutritious and delicious Keto Protein Bars below. Or, to shop a selection of high protein, low carb sweet treats, including cakes, cookies and confectionary, check out our full range here.