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Keto Cake, Brownie & Pancake Premixes & Baking Supplies

Craving something sweet but don’t want the added sugar? Love brownies and cakes but can’t stomach flour? Or maybe you’re just after a treat that’s low in carbs and high in protein.


Luckily for you, Lifestyle Republic has one of the best ranges of keto cake, brownie and pancake premix packages in Australia, plus a selection of baking supplies to add to your own healthy creations.


All our products are mouth-wateringly delicious, while catering for any diet or dietary restriction, such as high protein, low-carb, low sugar, gluten-free, vegan and diabetic. Never feel like you’re missing out on all the good stuff again!


Choose from products from a world-leading keto food company, MojoMe, or from quality Australian-made products by Locako and PBCo., and more. We know you’ll find a cake, brownie or pancake premix to satisfy even the fussiest tastebuds.


A Keto Cake Premix for Every Occasion

Everybody loves a cake, but not everybody wants the associated sugar, grain or carbs. At Lifestyle Republic, we stock cake premixes that turn to indulge your sweet tooth into a healthy occupation. Whether it’s for a birthday, dinner party or just because you fancy a treat, we have a keto cake premix to suit every occasion.


As the brand representative of MojoMe in Australia, Lifestyle Republic is proud to offer you their range of superior cake premixes. Made from the highest quality ingredients and chock full of goodness, MojoMe cakes cater for every palate and dietary requirement.


From the rich indulgence of a Chocolate Cake to a scrumptious citrus and olive oil Almond Cake, right down to a wholesome old-school Carrot Cake, you’ll find a keto cake premix to transform even the most ordinary day into a party.


Browse our range of keto cake premixes below or check out the full range of MojoMe low carb and keto foods here.


Indulge Your Love of Chocolate with A Keto Brownie Premix

Made for the chocolate-lover who doesn’t want the carbs or sugar, MoJoMe’s keto Chocolate Brownie Premix is an essential addition to your shopping list. Taking only five minutes to make, these keto brownies simply ooze decadence, letting you indulge your love of chocolate without the guilt!


Treat Yourself with a Keto Pancake or Flapjack Premix  

Want to jazz up your mornings with pancakes or flapjacks, but without the carbs? Our selection of keto pancake and flapjack premixes gives you that option, with all the delicious indulgence of fluffy pancakes or flapjacks that are high in protein but low in carbs and sugar.


Try PBCo.’s Protein Pancake Mix, giving you 30 nutritious keto pancakes in one packet. Add berries, maple syrup or honey for a wholesome breakfast or brunch option that doesn’t blow your diet. Or, for something extra special, try MojoMe’s Flapjacks Premix. With no preservatives, grain or sugar, but high in protein and taste, these flapjacks are the perfect healthy treat for breakfast or dessert.


For the best Keto Cake, Brownie & Pancake Premixes in Australia, browse our complete range below. Stock up on a few – we know they won’t last in the pantry for long!