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Keto Bread & Wraps

Looking for keto bread and wraps in Australia? You’ve come to the right place. At Lifestyle Republic, we stock a range of low carb keto bread mixes and wraps to add that extra element to your diet. While the keto diet is great for your health, many people miss that special something that bread gives to a meal, whether it’s eggs on toast for breakfast, or a delicious wrap for lunch. These days, however, there are so many great keto breads and wraps available, you can indulge your love of bread to your heart’s content.


How Healthy Are Keto Breads & Wraps?

The best thing about our keto bread and wraps is that they’re perfect for not only a low carb, high protein diet, but for those on a gluten-free or diabetic-friendly diet as well. Most importantly, keto bread is extremely high in fibre, an essential for keeping your digestive system healthy and your weight under control.

For nutritious and delicious alternatives to high carb, yeast-based bread, you can’t go past our keto bread and wraps!


Low Carb Sunflower & Linseed Bread Mix

Craving toast for brekkie but can’t find a keto bread that cuts it? Made in Australia, our PBCO Low Carb Sunflower & Linseed Bread Mix is the answer, giving you a high energy, high protein and high fibre bread that is super low in carbohydrates. Give it a try! We know you won’t regret adding this satisfying keto bread mix to your shopping list.


Power Wraps – Low Carb Wraps

Stuck for ideas for a low carb, high protein lunch on the run? Empower Foods’ Power Wraps offer those on a keto or diabetic-friendly diet all the benefits of a high fibre lunch wrap without the carbs and sugar.

Wrap Power Wraps around your favourite sandwich filling for a healthy lunch at work, or create scrumptious Mexican meals for dinner, such as burritos or enchiladas. You can even use the wraps to replace pasta in a keto lasagne!

With 7 servings in a pack, and only 1.8g of carbs per wrap, keep a pack (or three) of Power Wraps in the pantry, so you’ll always have a great keto wrap lunch or dinner option handy! Purchase your Power Wraps today.


Low Carb Zone – Soft Buns or Bread Rolls Dry Mix

With all the attention to detail and quality ingredients you’d expect from Low Carb Zone, this Soft Buns or Bread Rolls Dry Mix puts the power of delicious keto bread in your hands.

Making up to 8 rolls or buns, the mix is 100% natural and certified organic. With high protein and low carbs and sugar, the bread is ideal for keto and diabetic-friendly diets, or for those simply looking to lose weight. And, while the recipe calls for egg whites, a gluten-free option is included.

Get your hands on a Low Carb Zone Soft Buns or Bread Rolls Dry Mix and never wrap lettuce around your hamburgers again! Or check out the full range of Low Carb Zone’s keto foods and snacks here.

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