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Low Carb Zone – A Tasty Range of Low Carb Food & Snacks

At Lifestyle Republic, we pride ourselves on bringing the highest quality low carb and keto food and snacks to Australia, sourcing our products from all over the world so you can find exactly what you need, when you need it. As one of only three Australian stockists of Low Carb Zone, we know you’ll find something in our range of healthy snacks to make your tastebuds tingle.


Low Carb Zone – 100% Natural

A small family-owned and operated business based in New Zealand, Low Carb Zone products are made from 100% natural ingredients and lovingly created and prepared by business-owner herself – Renata Holicova.

Renata crafted her range of savoury Wine & Beer Snacks and sweet Snacking Cereals as a tasty alternative to a diet of nuts, grains and seeds. With a passion for healthy food that also tastes great, all Low Carb Zone products are keto-friendly, gluten and dairy free, and low in sugar, making them diabetic-friendly too. They are also free from GMOs and chemical additives, so you always know exactly what you’re putting in your body.


Sweet Low Carb & Keto Foods for Everyone

Tired of eating handfuls of nuts or seeds to get your protein? Craving a sweet snack but don’t want the refined sugar? Or looking for a keto replacement for cereal?

Our range of Low Carb Zone’s sweet Snacking Cereals is the perfect solution, with three delicious flavours, all grain-free with no added sugar and made with coconut oil, so they’re easy on the digestion. Choose from Chocolate & Orange, Salted Caramel, Raspberry or Vanilla, or snap up all four so breakfast time is never boring again!

Perfect for kids (as you know they’re not eating any nasties) and adults alike, serve Low Carb Zone’s Snacking Cereals with coconut yoghurt for breakfast, eat as a snack throughout the day, or sprinkle on dairy-free ice cream for dessert. You can even add them to your favourite vegan muffin recipe for an extra bit of crunch!

Purchase your Low Carb Zone Snacking Cereal today or check out the huge range of sweet low carb foods and snacks available in Australia from Lifestyle Republic.


Savoury Low Carb & Keto Wine & Beer Snacks

When you’ve decided to go keto or vegan, or you’re restricted in what you can eat due to gluten intolerance or diabetes, it’s hard to find a snack that’s both tasty AND high in protein.

Lucky for you, we stock Low Carb Zone’s range of scrumptious Wine & Beer Snacks, with a choice of flavours to satisfy even the strongest cravings. Made from 100% organic ingredients and additive-free, pick your favourite from Sea Salt, Chilli & Lime, Nutritional Yeast (dairy-free cheese flavoured) or (vegan) Chicken, or grab the lot to savour a different healthy snack every day!

Order your Wine & Beer Snacks via our website today or browse one of the best selections of low carb savoury foods and snacks in Australia here.