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We’ve put together some bundles we think you will enjoy and help you save money when buying in bulk – no, we are not just bundling products we are struggling to sell.

We would love to hear from you! – Send us some cool bundle ideas you would like to see and yours might just be added to the collection (DM us or email at

Please note: bundles are subject to stock availability. Once we run out of an item in the bundle package it will become unavailable until we receive more stock! Products in bundles can’t be substituted for other products.

Keto Essentials Box

Are you new to the keto diet? It can be pretty overwhelming and difficult at the start, but don’t fret, we’ve created a box with amazing keto-friendly pantry essentials that will kickstart your health journey and help you reach your goals.

Price: $125

The Keto Essentials Box is packed with:

Movie Night Box

Dive onto the couch, choose a good movie and enjoy this amazing snack box perfect for two to three people. You might need to pause the movie half-way through so you can make yourself another cup of MojoMe Hot Chocolate. In the warmer months, switch to making the best keto-friendly and sugar-free iced chocolate.

Price: $68

The Movie Night Box is packed with:

Rise & Shine Box (SOLD OUT)

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day they say. We’ve packed this box with keto-friendly breakfast foods for you to experiment with. Our personal favourite is the MojoMe Flapjack mix that pairs amazingly with the keto-friendly and low-sugar Walden Farms Maple Flavoured Syrup.

Price: $60

The Rise & Shine Box is packed with:

Free & Friendly Box (SOLD OUT)

The ultimate sugar-free, keto-friendly, low carb sample box. We’ve packed this one with products we think you’ll love, including never before seen in Australia pastas and spreads.

Price: $60

The Free & Friendly Box is packed with: